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  • Creating Opportunities: The centre not only offers job opportunities for disabled people, but also provides inclusive volunteer opportunities and job training, fostering personal and professional growth for its participants.
  • Inclusive Employment: Selmes Garden Centre pays standard wages to all employees.
  • Independence: As an independent entity, Selmes Garden Centre is funded through private donations, grants, and the dedication of volunteers, allowing it to maintain autonomy in pursuing its mission of inclusivity and empowerment.
  • Largest Centre in Marlborough: Selmes Garden Centre proudly holds the distinction of being the largest garden center in Marlborough, offering an expansive range of plants and expert advice.

  • Wide Range of Products with Great Prices: At Selmes Garden Centre, customers can explore a vast selection of top-quality plants, garden supplies, and accessories, all offered at competitive prices, making gardening accessible and affordable for everyone.


Always love going here on a Saturday morning with my partner to look for more plants Totally recommended for anyone who loves plants and supporting a community initiative.


A great selection of plants, landscaping products and if your wanting potting mix, mulch, mushroom compost or pea straw this is place to go, great value, I highly recommend a visit.