About Us

Selmes Garden Centre is much more than just a garden center and nursery; it's a place of growth, inclusivity, and opportunity. We take pride in cultivating our own plants while simultaneously nurturing the development of individuals within our community.

Our mission is clear: Creating meaningful work through training and employment, a sense of belonging and genuine purpose in the lives of those with disabilities. 

What sets us apart as an employer of people with disabilities, is our commitment to paying standard wages to all of our employees. We aspire to offer employment to as many individuals as our budget allows. Additionally, we serve as a haven for those who may not fit into traditional school environments, offering job experience, training, and guidance to help them find their place in the workforce.

Selmes Garden Centre is dedicated to providing opportunities that many might not otherwise have, creating a nurturing and empowering community for all.

Our History

Selmes Garden Centre has a rich and evolving history that reflects its commitment to the empowerment of individuals with disabilities. The Garden Centre's roots trace back to the IHC's Nursery program located on Selmes Road.

When the IHC discontinued the program, it sparked a wave of concern within the community. Greg Tomlinson, our generous patron and property owner, stepped forward, offering his workshop area to establish a new garden center.  Under the direction of Selmes Trusts first Trustees, John Lundon, Tony Oberdries and Mick Murphy, Selmes Garden Centre opened its doors on Battys Road in 2008.

It began by setting up greenhouses, developing a nursery, and selling its products to the public. While initially affiliated with the IHC, Selmes Garden Centre is now an independent entity, funded through private donations, grants, and the dedication of volunteers.

The garden center has undergone several name changes over the years, from Selmes Road Nursery (confusing to newcomers as it's located on Battys Road) to Selmes Garden Trust, Selmes Trust, and even Selmes Community Nursery. Now, under the direction of the Selmes Charitable Trust the focus has shifted towards expanding the mission of employing more individuals with disabilities.  Selmes Garden Centre is at the core of this mission.

The Selmes Charitable Trust aims to broaden its reach by expanding the Selmes Garden Centre's Nursery program. Our plant nursery specializes in growing eco-sourced Marlborough native seedlings for local gardens and local revegetation projects. This growth reflects Selmes Garden Centre's commitment to creating a more impactful and empowered community for people with disabilities, while its legacy continues to blossom.


Always love going here on a Saturday morning with my partner to look for more plants Totally recommended for anyone who loves plants and supporting a community initiative.


A great selection of plants, landscaping products and if your wanting potting mix, mulch, mushroom compost or pea straw this is place to go, great value, I highly recommend a visit.